Tibetan Healingyoga

Lu Jong  from Tibetan yoga are simple exercises that balance the body and mind, helping to dissolve negative feelings and the associated thoughts more quickly. The exercises sharpen the senses and help create a higher spiritual presence. It develops more well-being, vitality and joy of life. Lu Jong has a balancing effect on the energy flow of our body. The simple movements of this original form of yoga affect the meridian main points and reflex zones of certain body parts and organs.


Tsa Lung  are even deeper. The technique of Tsa Lung combines body movements with holding our breath, so the movement can penetrate deeper into the body, opening the small channels and reaching the subtle chakras.


The Tibetan Healingyoga strengthens the physical condition in a surprisingly efficient manner and increases the sensitivity to the body and mind.

course offerings

Small groups up to 6 people

Large groups up to 20 people

Individual lessons - health and personal issues are discussed individually

Yoga teacher for Tibetan yoga - further education and training

Courses for retreat groups and individuals in retreat

Prices and possible travel expenses by arrangement



Yoga in Matapalo


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